5 shades of video marketing brilliance


February 14th marks the most romantic calendar day, where lovers shower their partners in expensive gifts, chocolate and flowers… yes it’s that time of year again; Valentines. But even bigger than this is that YouTube celebrates the big 1-0 on this very same day. That’s right, you’ve been living alongside the second biggest search engine for a whole ten years. Doesn’t time fly…?


Businesses are starting to embrace YouTube due to its popularity online, its rankings with google and the fact it is the second biggest search engine out there. But why is video marketing such a big deal these days? Well, we like to think of video marketing as a marketing chameleon; it can take many guises and form many different parts of your marketing strategy. Plus, it’s a way of translating your personality through an interactive video, crafting a message and leaving a memorable impression on your audience.


To put you in the picture, here are some reasons why video marketing needs to be embraced –

  • 100 million internet users watch videos online
  • 90% of users use videos to help them determine what to buy
  • 75% of users watch business related videos online
  • Globally, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer internet traffic in 2016
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy products after watching a related video on a retailers site


As a way of embracing video marketing, and a nod to both Valentines and YouTubes Birthday, the team here at Green Jelly HQ have decided to share the love with a free gift for you (No guys, it’s not chocolate – Sorry!)


The superhero team have created the 5 Shades of Video Marketing Brilliance. This is a 5 part series showing you how to get started with video marketing and make the most of video marketing as a strategic marketing tool in your business.


The series will cover:-


  1. Benefits of video marketing – why you will be left behind if you don’t embrace this marketing tool


  1. How to choose the right content so that it appeals to your audience at the right level


  1. Video creation and some nifty tools to use – how to choose the best way to create your videos and some fab tools that we use in the office


  1. Getting the most out of YouTube – the second largest search engine deserves some respect so I will show you some essentials and a few little tricks


  1. Pulling a strategy together to improve leads & conversions – how to use video marketing in your overall marketing strategy so it results in business growth


There is also a pretty awesome guide to use through the videos and of course a fabulous special offer for you at the end of the course.


To get your 5 free videos, sign up in the big box below and get ready to rock your business on video! After all, video is the new black 😉


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