5 Ways Your Are Losing Money On Adwords

Adwords are a fantastic marketing tool as part of an overall marketing strategy. Benefits include highly targeted traffic, higher conversions, cost effective, short term lead generation and measurable. However, many advertisers could be losing money on their Adwords. Worse still, many could be losing opportunities to competitors. And it is hard to keep up with Adwords – Did you know that Adwords underwent 250 changes alone last year? That is a lot of changes to keep up to date with!

So here are 5 ways you are losing money on Adwords – have a look and see where you may need to tweak yours!

1. No specific landing pages

So you get the attention of your target market, they click on your ad (and you pay for this) and you take them to a generic page, even a homepage. People are impatient – they don’t want to click on an ad about your service and be taken to a generic page and do all the hard work themselves! Consequently, in this case, the visitor – your lead – will more than likely hit the back button and go to your competitor.

Action: Think about what the advert says and then make sure you are taking visitors to a relevant page (preferably with a good call to action!).

2. Too generic search terms

If you use a very generic search term, you are unlikely to get a buyer ready to take action. For example, optimising your ad for ‘insurance’ as a term is both generic and expensive – particularly if you only offer car insurance! In the buyer journey, they will typically use generic search terms for exploration and information gathering- the more specific the term, the more likely that you will attract people who are ready to buy. This has a double impact because you will get more targeted visitors so your conversion rate is likely higher, but you will also pay less per click for more niche search terms.

Action: Remove all generic terms and really focus on niche keywords.

3. Not matching search terms with the copy

Google is a machine – and it is a machine of quality and order. It likes to know that the adverts that are getting the most traffic are the most quality adverts – it rewards this also with lower costs per click. Google bots assess this with a number of factors and variables – one of these is to make sure your keywords or search terms are included in the advert. Brownie points if it is in the ‘title’ text. Making sure this is all in place is a surefire way to reduce your cost per click.

Action: Get your keywords or search terms in all your adverts – but still make it sound human!

4. Include geography

Ok, not the kind where you identify mountains and rivers, the kind where you tell people where you are. The focus is on local – from your buyers and from Google. Include your location in your adverts, in your targeting and in your keywords. Make sure the rest of your Google collateral  is on the same page too – i.e. get your Google listing with your location too. Google will reward you for your conscientious attention to detail and transparency with lower cost per click.

Action: Be clear and present about your location.

5. Running ads outside of optimum search times

Every industry and product has a different set of rules around the best time to contact but don’t underestimate how important it is to understand yours to reduce your costs by limiting when your ad is shown. After all, Adwords is an analytical machine and it won’t take long to work out when the best performing ads are being shown and adjust the settings accordingly.

Action: Get investigating and only show your ads at optimum times.


If you are not measuring, you don’t know how effective any of your ads are or how much you are paying per lead or even if you are converting from Adwords at all. This is essential to understand firstly if you are wasting money but also to understand which have the best conversion rates. As soon as you understand this, you can put more money into the ads that convert more and less into those that don’t. Adwords has conversion tracking built in – make sure that you have this set up for the ad as well as the relevant page to optimise your ads and your spending.


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