The beginners guide to Instagram for small business

The beginners guide to Instagram for small business

This blogs looks at how Instagram for small business can be a huge benefit whether used for national or local business.

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Instagram for small business

Instagram for small business



Instagram for small business:  5 Smart Tips 

How do the professionals do it?


One of the ultimate sins that I see on all social media platforms is lack of a website address.  The whole point of having social media is to direct traffic back to your site. If you have to make people search for it, they will have gone elsewhere.

Tip 1: Put your website and or contact details on your Instagram profile. 


When using Instagram for small business, remember it’s a photo sharing network and so photos are the whole point!  Our brain thinks in images rather than words or numbers, so it’s no surprise that we take in more information though visuals.

When thinking about what to photograph, ask: how does this tie within my overall business message?

For e.g. florists wouldn’t take selfies in a coffee shop. Instead they would take photos of their new arrangements or perhaps their customers coming to collect their bouquets.

On Instagram there are filter options – these are to give your photos special effects (and have made Instagram so popular!) Remember to pick a filter that doesn’t distort your picture. It may look fun and hip but is it user friendly? Generally, it’s good to keep a theme with the same filter too

Tip 2: Take pictures of what your business does, provides and is about. 


If you’re familiar with Twitter hash tags then Instagram hash tags are the same.  In easy terms they are keywords that people use to identify their subject matter.

This means if you’re using a hash tag that others are your photos will appear when users search for a particular photo subject.

Try making up your own hash tags, especially if you want to generate brand awareness. Remember to include it in your profile as it helps it to be picked up within Instagram.

Tip 3: Your hash tags must be relevant.  Putting excess and unrelated hash tags won’t do you any favours when you frustrate users, by bringing up something that they’re not searching for. 

Give a reason to be followed

One of the most effective ways of using Instagram for small business is to give your readers a valuable reason to follow you.

So what’s your reason?

Tip 4: Some of the most successful Instagram accounts are those that offer competitions, special offices and free giveaways. 

Pick a good time to post

There are never any conclusive times to post, so I’d recommend trying out various times and especially on weekends as engagement seems to be high all around.

Although, studies do suggest that Thursday seems to be a popular day to post and between 8pm and 9 am shows more interaction as a whole

Tip 5: You’ll only know when your audience is online if you’re online yourself. 

Instagram for small business: Fact or Fiction? 

‘Not another social media network. Will it ever stop?’

The short answer is no.

The digital age means social media has become a very big part of online businesses and from having a look at some of the stats from Expanded Ramblings,  Instagram seems to be one of the ‘it’ platforms.

Here’s some relevant statistics that I picked out for you:

  • 200 million monthly active users
  • 7.3 million active daily users
  • 34% of users are 14-34 year old
  • 42% of users are 13-17 year old

As you can see, Instagram’s biggest users are the teen market so this is something to bear in mind when looking for your target audience.

However, there is still room to capitalize on the older users and take advantage of this popular social network.

It’s coming up to its 4th birthday and it’s a fast growing social media networking for one so young.  Have a look at this article that explores surprising and interesting facts about Instagram.

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