How Adwords Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Adwords are a bountiful resource that are not only great for driving targeted traffic to your website for conversions – whether that is sales, sign ups or contacts, but they also are the insights you need for you whole marketing strategy.

Let me explain more …

The headlines, the text, the keywords, everything you use to compile your adwords gives you insight into your buyers, your market – what they want, what they buy, what they search for – the whole shebang. It is a goldmine of valuable data that is hardly ever used (in my experience working with small businesses). This data helps you better understand your audience and more importantly your customers. From the data you can better determine the adverts that work, the words that work in your headlines and the words your customers are using to find your business.

How often do you look at these figures and review your audience?

The benefits of doing this largely focus on effectiveness for adwords – it makes the most of the money you spend on adwords and gets you more leads or customers into your business.

But what else can you do with these figures?

Use these figures to influence the rest of your marketing strategy of course. You can use the best keywords in your search engine optimisation to get better results in the organic search engines. What this means is that the best keywords can be built into your website and content so that when you are found, you will be found by people who are looking to engage with you or buy from you. This is absolute gold dust for your online marketing strategy.

Location filters on you adwords are also nuggets that need to be worked to increase your return on investment. Increasingly people search on the move – hone your location filters and attach a phone number so people can call you directly from their phone. Keep an eye on these figures to make sure that you are hitting the right local audience.

These two tweaks alone in your marketing campaigns will have an enormous impact on your sales, conversions and the people finding you. Coming soon is an article that will help you to determine the correct messages for your buyers based on where they are with their searching – the words and calls to action you use at this point will also maximise your results … watch this space.

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