Why innovative business cards are the way forward


This New Year, are you looking for a new way to capture your audience’s attention that is both creative and innovative to your market needs? We’ve come across some brilliant business cards designs that will really engage your imagination and get the creative juices flowing.

Business cards are generally one of the first clues about a business, so making them as memorable as possible ensures they are fulfilling their purpose at making an ever-lasting impression for all the right reasons.

You don’t have to spend a considerable amount of money on creating your cards, but it’s always important to remember the kind of message you would like to be sending out to your prospective clients. Choosing a cheaper card design may reflect badly on your business as a whole, but going for something simple could prove effective, as long as the most important details – your name, contact number and email address are all included. Think of the card as an extension of your brand.

Check out some of our favourite innovative business card designs –

mini yoga mat2

transformable cargo box2

bike repair shop highly useful card2  Tearable Divorce Lawyer2


But surely business cards are not needed in the digital age…?!

…Wrong! There just isn’t an easier way to hand out your contact details to clients and customers you meet out and about. Plus, it’s far quicker than emailing out the information and can be conveniently tucked into a pocket or wallet. Yes, virtual online interaction has surpassed all expectation in the digital age, but nothing beats the power of face to face networking to create and maintain relationships and enhance the prospect of finding new business opportunities.

The humble business card is making a come back as people revert back to developing relationships face to face… so think creative in 2015!