Marketing Services

One of the biggest challenges busy local business owners have is to understand which marketing tools will deliver the best results for FAST business growth. Luckily, we know. We will not try and sell you everything but we will point you in the right direction of fast results for growth through the 3 foundations of marketing:

Reaching your audience

Engaging with your prospects

Managing your reputation

Without bamboozling you, we will explain why our recommendations are important, where the quick wins are and where the longer term sustainable benefits are. Most importantly, all of this will be mapped in-line with your business growth objectives and measured using your key performance indicators.

Marketing Audit:

The marketing audit delivers a 12 plan to maximise marketing efforts to fast track growth. There are 3 stages to the audit:

  1. Understanding: get to better understand the business, the market and growth objectives through one to one interviews or group sessions
  2. Differentiation: work out why your target audience should work with you by establishing a value proposition through a workshop
  3. Marketing: pulling everything together for an effective bespoke marketing plan

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