Video Marketing for Small Business: Why it’s the Way to Thrive!

Video Marketing for Small Business: Why it’s the Way to Thrive! 

In today’s blog we look at marketing for your small business.   Considering pictures are processed 60,000 faster than words, you can see why it’s popular with your audience. Video marketing for small business can be a scary concept especially when you don’t know much about it so we’ll some show you some benefits and facts and figures. 

video marketing for small business.

Video Marketing Statistics for Small Business 

Here are some statistics to highlight the potentials of video marketing for small business:

  • Average users are exposed to around 32.2 videos a month;
  • 100 million internet users watch videos online;
  • 90% of users use video to help them determine what to buy;
  • 75% watch business related videos online;
  • 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after a watching a related video on retailer’s site. 

So, why is video marketing for small business so useful? 


Written blogs are fantastic for sharing information but spoken video is even more interactive especially if it’s for product demonstrations.  It’s interactive because we can see a real life human talking directly to us and we can tap into body language and tone of voice which helps to build rapport. 

User friendly 

65% of your audience are visual so it makes sense that video will be an easier format for users who are want to use video as a learning modality. Also it appeals to those who can’t read or who have a visual impairment. 

Boost search 

Google have always favoured video and you’re more likely to get closer to the top of search engines if you include it in your site.  It’s no coincidence that YouTube gets something around 1 billion unique users everything month (Google owned). 

Brand builder 

Everything that you publically do and say will add to your brand building and video is a very obvious way to help craft your message, boost reputation and leave a memorable impression on your audience. 

Video Marketing:  A powerful Case Study from Dove 

Video if done right can really help to boost your business but how exactly do you pick a subject to base your business around?

The trick with finding a topic is to choose something that your target audience needs help with, finds interesting and will be meaningful to them.  You can pick just one of those but it’s more effective if you can combine together. 

So we all know the skin care brand Dove right? They’ve done various health campaigns such as the ‘healthy sized women.’  Just this subject alone has given them a good idea of how their audience responded to this issue and so it’s given then a greater idea of what their audience likes. Their recent video attracted 60 million views and was based on self-esteem.

See what Dove did here with their ‘Real Beauty Sketches.’ 

They have chosen something that people genuinely care about rather than shoving their products and services down throats; this is a really good example of video marketing! 

Video Marketing for Small Business: Is it costly? 

With anything in business there is a cost but nowadays because video marketing is becoming more common; it’s generally brought the cost down.

If you’re just starting out then something as simple as an iPhone can be a great tool to use to record videos. 

However if you prefer a professional to do it then perhaps go to your local college or university and see how much a student price would be.

That said, there are some equally inexpensive professionals too so just have a look around.  The biggest cost you will be your time spent on concept, script and producing it. 

Take a look at this article which gives you an idea in regards to cost for video marketing.

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